Healthy Pelvis Healthy Core provides compassionate, personalized, expert physical naritherapy for pelvic and abdominal conditions. Our intention is to provide exceptional  care in a nurturing and understanding environment, utilizing both evidence-based practices and holistic approaches such as visceral manipulation to maximize healing.  We treat all the following: abdominal pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, abdominal pain, urogynecologic concerns, bladder issues, pelvic prolapse, hip pain and tailbone issues. We also treat postpartum conditions, such as recovering from c-section or birth trauma, and postural re-education and residual diastis recti (abdominal separation) after the birth of the baby.  We do not treat prenatal/pregnancy conditions while still pregnant, due to a longer wait list and the acute need for pain relief.

clear passageWe offer much more than kegels and vaginal trigger points: we employ skilled, hands-on techniques to the pelvic floor, the viscera, the abdomen, and the orthopedic structures in pelvic region. We specialize in visceral manipulation and neural manipulation, using  very specific techniques based on your presentation the day of each visit.  We also utilize biofeedback, internal electrical stimulation, dilation therapy, exercise prescription, patient education, home programs, and lifestyle modifications.

Each patient’s particular situation dictates her or his personalized and unique treatment plan. By focusing on the individual and combining these multi-faceted approaches, we often offer more effective results in fewer visits than a general physical therapist.  We frequently provide relief to patients who have failed previous pelvic therapy interventions.  We do not use a cook book approach, and your treatment will not be the same any two days of treatment.  Our treatment is highly specific to your presentation each day.

See CONDITIONS TREATED to understand what specific conditions we treat or the FAQ section for details on scheduling.

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